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Hydrogen - powering a cleaner future

Hydrogen will play a key role in the UK's energy mix and the road to net zero. Find out more about the fuel of the future, its role in the region and HyNet overall, and let us know your thoughts.

Give us your views on hydrogen - powering a cleaner future
Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on earth. It occurs naturally within other compounds, like water (H₂O) and natural gas (CH₄). To enable use of hydrogen as a single element (for example as a fuel), it must be extracted from these compounds.

HyNet North West will produce, store and distribute hydrogen across North West England and North Wales. The project is UK-leading in the hydrogen sector including the UK’s first low carbon hydrogen production hub at Essar's Stanlow Manufacturing Complex. This will offer a viable alternative to the use fossil fuels, such as natural gas, providing a safe transition to a net zero, sustainable world.

Read our hydrogen factsheetDarllenwch ein taflen ffeithiau am hydrogen

Low-carbon hydrogen is generally described as either ‘green’ or ‘blue’. HyNet will initially be based on blue hydrogen due to its far lower cost, but will subsequently accept green hydrogen into the network as costs fall.

Hydrogen can be used to generate energy safely and reliably. It is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels because it does not produce carbon dioxide when burned. This means that HyNet North West’s goal of delivering hydrogen energy to heat homes, power businesses and fuel transport (including trains, heavy goods vehicles and shipping) will help reduce the region’s, and the UK’s, carbon emissions. Creating a cleaner, greener and safer environment for future generations. 

In boosting clean growth and establishing the region as a centre of excellence for innovation, HyNet North West will attract new talent and encourage inward investment that will spread regional prosperity. The area’s blend of industrial experience and cutting-edge science brings together a unique set of circumstances that will create a hotspot for innovation, providing training and skills opportunities for locals in exciting, world-leading new sectors.

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