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HyNet North West is a ground-breaking clean energy project that will unlock a low carbon future for the North West and North Wales. It will place the region at the forefront of the UK’s journey to net zero and help to decarbonise many sectors of the economy from 2025 onwards. The project will produce clean hydrogen to replace the fossil fuels we use today for industry, transport and homes. HyNet will also capture and store carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions produced by energy intensive industries.

Here you can find out more about this exciting project and give us your feedback, including our current proposals on the first step of the scheme - the carbon dioxide pipeline which will take CO₂ emissions from existing industries to be stored in existing depleted gas reservoirs in Liverpool Bay.

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Thank you for taking the time to explore our proposals to deliver the Phase 1 of HyNet North West – the UK’s first hydrogen network.

This consultation hub is designed to provide you with all the information you need about the project, which you can navigate to in the website below.

Right now, we want to hear your views on our proposals to deliver the carbon pipeline, the first part of the project. You can find out more about our proposals by clicking on the orange box above, or if you want to comment on specific sections of the pipeline, please scroll down to leave your comments on the feedback map.

Below you can also find out more about creating a net zero region, carbon capture and hydrogen, and let us know your thoughts.

In the meantime, please watch our video to find out more about HyNet North West!

Choose an option
Early public engagementJune 2021
Ongoing engagement and consultationSummer 2021 - Summer 2022
Expected DCO application submissionSummer 2022
DCO examinationWinter - Spring 2023
Decision on the applicationExpected Autumn 2023
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