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What is an Above Ground Installation (AGI)?

An AGI provides a transition point along a carbon dioxide pipeline where it connects upstream emitters or other sections of the transportation system to the carbon dioxide pipeline. For the spur pipelines, AGIs would be a connecting point for upstream emitters to the spur pipelines or the main HyNet Carbon Dioxide Pipeline.

AGIs allow for the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline, as well as for routine inspections and maintenance. An AGI typically includes a control kiosk which provides electrical equipment and instruments for distributing power to control and monitor the system. In addition, associated infrastructure for connecting the carbon dioxide pipelines includes above and below ground auxiliary pipework and valves, instrumentation and sensors, cable trays, and electrical transformers.

An AGI is typically secured by a chain-link fence including an additional barbed-wire section at the top and a double access gate for maintenance vehicles. The image below shows a typical Above Ground Installation (AGI). Any AGIs needed along the spur pipelines will look similar to this, however, they will be designed to visually complement the local environment – this means that the colours may change to match the existing landscape. We will provide specific details of these proposed AGIs as they develop.